Kaizen Bioconsulting - R&D Strategy Consulting



Kaizen Bioconsulting

  • Works flexibly with companies to design and conduct relevant analyses aimed at progressing R&D projects dependent upon the stage at which a project is at and taking into consideration downstream requirements and objectives
  • Identifies, researches, and analyzes new targets and human and veterinary applications for existing technologies and provides written recommendations
  • Objectively assesses technologies in relation to current science, competitors, intellectual property (IP) position, and other relevant factors
  • Researches and keeps track of new developments in specialized topic areas and advises on R&D strategy to facilitate decision-making at critical milestones
  • Objectively assesses the feasibility of proposed studies for development of new technologies by reviewing research evidence and evaluating the commercial potential of early-stage scientific ideas
  • Identifies experts in specialized fields as potential advisors or partners, sets up collaborations and partnerships, and manages external collaborations and consortia

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