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Kaizen Bioconsulting Ltd

Kaizen Bioconsulting was founded by Dr Sharmila Bakshi to address the need for an independent and objective assessment of both scientific and strategic factors to allow better informed decision-making tailored to the risks and challenges faced by individual biotech and pharmaceutical companies

Kaizen Bioconsulting recognizes and addresses the numerous risks and difficulties faced in R&D

  • High risk, high cost, and low likelihood of success
  • Numerous factors to be considered in the selection of targets, projects, and applications for technologies and platforms, and identification of relevant risks
  • Obtaining and analyzing information relating to risks and providing meaningful recommendations requires significant resources in terms of time, effort, and expense, and often requires diversion of staff from their current responsibilities
  • Currently, such analysis lacks organization and is often ineffective due to being carried out on an ad-hoc basis, resulting in both wastage of R&D resources and ill-informed decision-making, and ultimately reducing likelihood of success. This is true for both small and large biotech and large pharma companies
  • Biotechnology companies are highly dependent on the success of their candidate drugs or vaccines in clinical trials to survive, while pharmaceutical companies are facing the ‘patent cliff’ and cannot continue to rely on their blockbuster drugs to survive. Both industries have a need to diversify and to work in partnership with other sectors
  • Many companies have few or no dedicated resources to allow meaningful assessment of the complex array of factors that affect likelihood of success and it is increasingly difficult for them to make well-informed decisions at critical milestones

Working with leaders in Life Science to enhance critical decision-making in R&D

  • Kaizen Bioconsulting works with biotech, pharma, and other research organizations, using a targeted and tailored approach to enhance decision-making in R&D
  • Biotech and pharma companies commonly invest in consultancy services to help them to navigate regulatory and market approvals and meet downstream requirements
  • However, the decisions made at the earlier stages of R&D are crucial to the success of companies and focusing narrowly on just a one or two molecules and getting these into clinical trials can spell the end of a company, whether a small biotech start-up, or an established biotech or pharma company
  • The failure of a single drug or vaccine candidate in clinical trials can be fatal to a company and lead to highly innovative technologies being shelved and a wastage of the people, resources, and the enormous efforts that have gone into building a Life Science company
  • Clearly, this is a huge loss for both companies and patients alike
  • Kaizen Bioconsulting works closely with leaders in Life Science to design, develop, and implement R&D strategies. Kaizen helps companies and organizations to objectively assess further possibilities and opportunities for the application of their technologies and data in order to diversify, collaborate, and increase the likelihood of success

For business inquiries please use the contact form or email to sharmila.bakshi@kaizenbioconsulting.com.


Kaizen Bioconsulting Ltd is a company registered in England & Wales with Company No. 9632466